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Alex Davis

Alex Davis

CEO & Creative Director

Alex Davis, Entrepreneur & Strategist, is CEO of Baby Rage Games. The Santa Monica-based company was co-founded in 2017 with childhood friend Billy Cavanaugh. Billy placed Alex in a Virtual Reality (VR) headset, awakening a passion he had not felt since his time in cryptocurrency, inspiring them to launch Baby Rage together. Alex's keen instincts and a degree in economics from Southern Methodist University led him to design competitive, multiplayer games. Alex knew it was crucial to customize gameplay while providing players a platform of their choice to reach the largest audience. As CEO, he focuses on creative direction, macro strategy and business development for Baby Rage Games.

Extreme Tactical Executions (xTx), their latest VR game, was designed from the first day for both VR and the PC, with cross-play for players between the two platforms, making the game available to all, while introducing new gamers to VR. Both modes are designed into a single application and are available on Steam and the Oculus Store. Players battle increasingly formidable enemies as they move through different zones of a hostile base, upgrading weapons and abilities. The players must strategically advance while farming mana and health from fallen robots. It's a mashup of wave shooter, survival arena and MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena). 

xTx has been featured in Business Wire, VentureBeat and UploadVR. xTx premiered at South by Southwest to the public on March 15-17, 2019. xTx appeared at DreamHack Dallas on May 31-June 2, 2019 and DreamHack Anaheim February 21-23, 2020. xTx was also shown at a private charity event in Los Angeles, benefiting "F*ck Cancer," founded by Yael Cohen & Scooter Braun and hosted by Bryce Vine on November 20, 2019. Alex sponsored a VR activation for Gorillapalooza, a fundraiser hosted by Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi, allowing guests to experience gorillas in Rwanda in their natural habitat. The event raised over five million dollars and was headlined by Bruno Mars. Attendees included Julia Roberts, Leonardo DiCaprio, Chris Martin, Sofia Vergara, James Corden, Diane Keaton, Kendall Jenner and Scooter Braun. 

Before devoting his life to Cross Reality, Alex wore many hats spanning several fields. While studying economics in college, Alex recognized the potential for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency when it was still relatively unknown in 2011, and developed an online poker site based on Bitcoin transactions after the world of online gambling shifted due to UIGEA. Later, he was sponsored by Rogers Healy and Associates and earned his real estate license. He began helping his classmates find rentals while still in school. Upon graduation, he moved to LA and pivoted into the entertainment industry as a screenwriter, EDM music manager, literary manager, artist manager and producer.

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