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Ashhab Ahmed

Ashhab "Ash" Ahmed

Chief Gaming Officer


Ashhab "Ash" Ahmed, Chief Gaming Officer of Baby Rage, was born in the People's Republic of Bangladesh and has been immersed in gaming since when he was 3 years old. Ash studied economics and psychology at Douglas College and Simon Fraser University. The complexities of the human mind and decision-making by individuals has always intrigued him. He strongly believes that a video game at its core should foster a positive mental outlook on the real world by having parallels between the two, explained artistically by the narrative.

He started playing Starcraft at the age of 4 and played competitively online by the time he was 7. At 14 years old, he was captain of a professional Dota 1 eSports team and invented many strategies that are still implemented in the game Dota 2 today. He currently ranks as the top 30th best player in North America in Dota 2: a game that is widely considered to be the hardest video game ever to master.


Ash met Alex Davis in 2015 playing Dota 2 online. Ash coached Alex in the game, forging a friendship across borders. He was inspired by Alex's outlook on virtual reality becoming a platform of connectivity of the future. They realized their projections of virtual gaming and artistic influences aligned perfectly and that the most logical decision was for them to work on future projects together. Currently, they are working on several games to be released on VR platforms in the near future.

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