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Dr. Cherilyn Lee

Dr. Cherilyn Lee 


Dr. Cherilyn Lee is a trailblazer, philanthropist, international speaker, author and founder of NuWellness Healthcare Center, a Comprehensive Alternative Family Practice. She is a multiple Lifetime Achievement Award recipient for her volunteer services from multiple Presidents. Dr. Lee received numerous awards and recognition from every existing government branch, from the City Council to the State Department for the humanitarian work she provides under her NuWellness Developmental Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Dr. Lee's personal hardship with asthma landed her in the emergency room unable to breathe on countless occasions, motivating her to formulate, "Just Breathe EZ," a wellness designer mask infused with a proprietary blend of minerals to effectively filter out environmental particles such as dust, grass, mold, pollen and pet dander. Her beautiful heart and passion inspired her dedication to serve and educate the masses on the true meaning of health and well-being, writing her second book under the same name and her motto, "Just Breathe EZ."


As a survivor & healed being, she authored, "Written Before I Was Born." She was the recipient of the 2019 HerStory Award from the Women's Federation for World Peace USA, where she also serves as an Ambassador. The esteemed autobiography chronicles her astonishing real-life story surviving two comas and traumatic childhood bullying. At age seven, a team of physicians informed her they had no choice except to remove both legs. Miraculously a kindhearted sympathetic doctor intervened and saved her from a double amputee, giving her a profound new beginning in life. From turmoil to triumph, she vowed to be a blessing to others and always to impart the element of compassion.


She leads by example, always on the cutting edge of new alternative modalities & technologies. NuWellness Developmental Foundation offers the Only Cost-Free Thermography, a Painless & Radiation Free Breast Cancer Screening to men, women and teenagers through the CRT diagnostic machine. The center also performs Free Beauty Shop Stroke Screening, as well as a quick three minute Cardiovascular and Autonomic Nervous System Screening, using the FDA approved medical device, Max Pulse. Dr. Lee's healing-oriented medicine wields a unique approach by incorporating Conventional Medicine with researched, scientifically proven holistic methods.


As the highly sought-after Integrative Healthcare Board Certified Practitioner and global media personality, she hosts and produces a weekly T.V./Radio Show, NuWellness TV with Dr. Lee, heard live on iHeartRadio, iTunes/Apple, Spotify, Google Play, Castbox, Deezer and Stitcher. The influential podcast is seen live on her YouTube channel NuWellness TV with Dr. Lee every Wednesday, 11-12 am PST. The acclaimed series explores advancements in natural health, physical fitness, nutrition, integrative medicine and self-discovery as she interviews leading experts.

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