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James Haven

James Haven



James Haven, Champion of the Defenseless, Anti-Human Trafficking, Child Exploitation Expert & Founder SafeHaven has worked with three US Presidential Administrations, Global Leaders and lobbied Congress multiple times on children's rights and sponsored AB3189, which allows youth ages 14-18 to get sexual assault forensic examinations without parental consent. James understands when children are allowed a voice, empowered and free, revolutionary change can manifest in our local communities and ultimately the nations. James' mission is to unite our future Global Leaders, Government Agencies, Federal Departments, NGOs, and Multinational Corporations to give hope to the hopeless with practical, easy real-life solutions.



James, brother of Angelina Jolie and son of actor Jon Voight, is no stranger to the influence the media has on our world. He produces compelling content on awareness, transforming dark subject matter laden with insidious overtones into illuminating positive solutions. James plans to produce and direct a narrative "Court of Conscience" as well as a biopic based upon Rachael Denhollander's book "What Is a Girl Worth?" She is a TIME 100 honoree, gymnast, attorney and the first plaintiff publicly to accuse Larry Nassar the former MSU and USA Olympic doctor of sexual assault. 


James is an Honorary Advisor to many including Harvard University on Global Issues, including AIDS/HIV, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Child Abuse & Neglect, Justice Speaks and Palomar Forensic Health Services, the most critical health care program available, with a 96% success conviction rate. James explores ways to end modern day slavery via community activism, partnering with like-minded organizations, as well as companies that provide cutting-edge technological solutions generating jobs with fair and respectable wages. 


SafeHaven is creating an arsenal of tools and programs, with videos on abuse detection and intervention with support to accredited networks. SafeHaven is collaborating with Alicia Kozakiewicz, The Alicia Project & Alicia's Law, to create an all-inclusive hub for research, knowledge, guidelines, resources and inspiration for issues relating to prevention, protection and restoration of our children's safety. James joined Alicia's crusade to protect children from online predators after Alicia's offender was released from prison and placed in a halfway house just four miles from her parent's home without notification from authorities. 


James banded with Alicia on her precedent-setting case as she continues the fight, pioneering standards and practices for the post-release movement as there are none in place. Many other victims in similar circumstances have reached out, asking Alicia to be their voice, as they are too terrified of coming forward. James proclaimed, "Today is a new landscape for Justice. No one is above the Law: Not Churches. Not Universities. Not Sports. Not Families. Not Communities. So I find it imperative that we work tirelessly not to re-traumatize survivors of abuse. Every single care must be taken to protect the survivor and not just re-integrate the abuser into society." 

The heartbeat of James' work is overseeing interagency coordination and all those at the highest level. James affirms collaboration between sectors will accomplish far more than can be done individually. He will annihilate trafficking in our cities, suburbs, communities, tribal lands, and on our transportation networks. He will orchestrate and direct a synergistic approach for all parties, departments and agencies to interact and intersect with one another, fusing a symbiotic relationship domestically and globally.


James is developing his online platform and app SafeHaven along with many organizations to strengthen the movement on all aspects of Child Human Rights, including diagnosis, investigation, legislation, prosecution, rehabilitation and treatment. During the COVID-19 pandemic, a lack of available manpower made it apparent that more advanced technological solutions are necessary to overcome the shortfalls of the currently deficient predator tracking system in the digital age. 


Through interviews with convicted predators in recent years, it's coming to light that each online predator commits crimes against 100 children on the average throughout their lifetime. If they are released from prison, all convicted child sex offenders must be monitored permanently. We cannot monitor them as if they are only staying in the legally required residence. We must pivot and also monitor them anywhere they go, including destinations like beaches, bus stops, daycare centers, fast-food restaurants, hospitals, malls, parks, schools and streets.


Megan's Law allows a neighborhood to be notified when a registered sex offender moves into the community. This doesn't do any good if the offender drives across town. The Law must extend to alert people when potentially dangerous situations arise. For instance, if a convicted child molester drives up to a preschool, school officials should be notified there's a pedophile parked in the driveway.


Ankle monitoring began in the 80's when the best available technology was simply radio frequency-based and required a geo-fence set up around the house - basically the same tech used in dog shock-collars. Laws were passed and this became the new normal. This hasn't been updated despite the ease and cheapness of GPS. Laws drag behind tech. However, with the internet era, predators have a much more powerful weapon to target and lure their prey. James argues that we simply need to implement modern-day technology to keep up with modern-day hunters. GPS dog collars cost $50.


SafeHaven is designing an early warning system to track threats by predators and provide safety for potential victims. James advocates endlessly for these protections to implement modern solutions to keep up with the new issues in our always-online world. He founded SafeHaven to educate and uplift humanity as well as help survivors restore their dignity as they heal and thrive as conquerors, never-again as victims. 


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