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Daya Hamwi

Susan "Daya" Hamwi

General Counsel & Chief Human Resource Officer

Susan "Daya" Hamwi is often called the Aquarian lawyer as her childhood dream was to build peace on Earth. Daya embodies the sutras of the Aquarian Age, which is a Yoga literary collection of wisdom, and works them into her practice along with other transformational tools. She advocates teachings derived and embellished from her unconventional background as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, believing when you vibrate in harmony or tandem with the Cosmos, a path shall be cleared.


Daya's legal career began in 1991 as the court-appointed attorney for the Kenyon Juvenile Justice Center in South Central Los Angeles. There, she represented minors in court proceedings while also working with families and liaison officers to create the best solution for children in their family situation. In her private practice, she handled numerous divorces, custody and dependency cases. 


In 2004, Daya partnered with Dennis Cohen as they shared dedication and value for the peaceful resolution of family issues. Their mediation practice, Settlement Works, is located on the water in Marina Del Rey, CA, aboard the classic yacht, "Concordance." Together, they embody a unique perspective as a dynamic male-female team, providing an atmosphere of incredible support to people in conflict. By creating a safe environment for everyone to express their point of view openly, seeds of accord can grow and flourish. By listening effectively and presenting views thoughtfully, with a bridge of love fortified by sincere, honest integrity, there is a way to reach mutual understanding, agreement and concordance in any situation. Having an innovative view of the legal system, they focus on efficient, cost-effective resolution of disputes while supporting the healing of underlying emotional issues. Daya ignites compassion in relationships.


Daya became a driving force for rehabilitation and understanding as a mentor to incarcerated minors at the California Youth Authority as well as teaching Yoga to children. She has served on the advisory board of "Empowerment Works," a non-profit that supports uplifting and sustainable projects around the world and is currently fiscally sponsoring 60 enterprises. Daya is also on the advisory board of "Peace Now." She is a member of the Aquarian Women's Leadership Society, forging new models of feminine leadership, and is a long-time contributor to Medicines Global Outdoor Youth Ambassador Program. 


In addition, Daya has served in many other capacities in her illustrious career, including as Human Resource Director and Attorney Liaison, for many organizations. Daya's greatest joy in life is as a devoted and loving mother to her son Joey, who is presently attending college and is the Director of Social Media & Community Outreach of the Plant A Tree Foundation.

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